ABB Ireland Driver Safety Programme

2015-07-01 - Driving for work is recognised by ABB as a high-risk, high cost but fundamentally necessary business activity. The primary aim of the ABB Safe Driving for Work Programme is to proactively reduce the frequency and severity of collisions that ABB employees may be involved in whilst driving for work and to do so at an affordable cost.

With many dynamic risk factors to consider, driving for work is a complex and costly activity for many businesses. However, by taking a systematic, risk-based approach coupled with appropriate use of information and communications technology (ICT), ABB believe that over time, it can cultivate a culture of safe driving that minimises the probability of loss and harm. In doing so, the company is also meeting its duties as an employer and can show clear evidence of compliance with Health and Safety and other legislation's.

Please click on the links below to view ABB Irelands driver case study and ABB's Never Forget video.

ABB Driver Case Study

Never Forget

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