High performance machinery drive ACSM1 ready to conquer the machinery market

2007-03-05 - Two years ago ABB announced their target to become an important drives supplier in the machinery market. ABB are now ready with a newly introduced machinery drives product portfolio. ABB can enter into multiple markets, applications, industries and channels that they could not access before.

The machinery industries focused on are: food & beverage, material handling, packaging, paper & paper board, printing, rubber and plastic, textile, and woodworking.

Applications in these industries include extruders, injection-moulding machines, blow-moulding machines, calendars, winders /unwinders, cranes, elevators, conveyors, automatic storage systems, pick & place systems, palletizer systems, knitting/weaving machines, spinning/speeder machines, needle punching machines, hosiery machines, fibre processing machines, preparatory machines, textile coating machines, finishing machines (e.g. printing and dyeing), calendar machines, coating machines, paper roll handling ,corrugating machines, paper converting machines, die cutters, slitters, sheeters, and label printers...

Typical customers are Original Equipment Manufacturers and System Integrators.

ABB estimates for the global use of drives in machinery applications is 2000 - 2500 M€ worldwide. Roughly 50% of these applications require a high performance drive.

ABBs mission was started by studying the market, meeting customers, benchmarking competition and starting a development project.

Now, ABB have the ACSM1 product available with the following machinery-dedicated functionality
    • power range 0.75 - 22 kW 380-480V
    • servo level control performance, ranging from open loop speed and torque control for standard induction motors to closed loop position/synchronisation, speed and torque control for synchronous servo motors
    • supporting incremental encoder, resolver and multi-turn absolute encoder feedbacks
    • IEC1131-3 compatible application programming functionality

So far over one hundred customer visits have been completed to verify the feasibility of the new high performance machinery drive ACSM1. The results are outstanding. Modular hardware and flexible software with programming environment are features preferred by most machinery builders.

For open loop standard induction motor applications, the ACSM1 offers, to mention just a few, an optimized footprint for panel assembly and small system building from 0.75 kW upwards, control dynamics limited by motor type not by drive, high overloadability, excellent low speed performance, safe torque-off function, low audible noise option with selectable switching frequency, high repetitivity of controlled movements due to fast I/O (including fieldbus) and short control cycle times, and function block programmability (IEC61131-3 function block diagrams) as standard.

For closed loop synchronous servo (or asynchronous) motor applications, the ACSM1 offers, in addition to the above, such features as position control / synchronisation functionality and support for several position feedback devices. You are also welcome to learn more about the ACSM1 and high performance machinery applications by enrolling on the latest e-Learning modules.

With the ACS350 and ACSM1 ABB have the full performance range required for any machinery application.

If you have any questions, please contact

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