ABB introduces new Dodge® product selection tool

2017-03-09 - Passport is an easy-to-use selection program for Dodge shaft mounted reducers and belted drive products.

ABB industry leader receives prestigious NEMA Kite & Key Award

2016-12-23 - Dr. Roger Daugherty recognized for outstanding achievements in electroindustry

ABB introduces Dodge® Quantis® gearmotors that deliver increased performance

2016-12-16 - The new Quantis® gearmotor is engineered to provide the highest starting torque and easiest shaft mounting of any major gearmotor available.

ABB expert receives Motor Summit award for contributions to global energy efficiency

2016-12-09 - John Malinowski of Baldor, the ABB Group company, has received a prestigious MS’16 award.

ABB’s Dodge® controlled start transmission (CST) drives provide maximum reliability on one of India’s longest mining conveyors

2016-11-17 - Three CST units deliver 99 percent availability on the Kapurdi lignite mine’s 4.5 kilometer conveyor.

ABB’s new stainless steel encapsulated motor is ideal for washdown applications

2016-11-16 - New IEC stainless steel encapsulated (SSE) motor is targeted at washdown applications in the food and beverage industry and is compatible with clean-in-place (CIP) methods. It withstands high pressure sprays for maximum hygiene, and offers superior reliability and efficiency to reduce downtime and save energy.

New ABB Dodge® Raptor coupling extends driven equipment life

2016-11-02 - This coupling’s patented split rubber element allows for easy assembly, reduced maintenance, and significantly decreases total costs.

A game changer that opens the door to predictive maintenance

2016-04-25 - One of the great technologies that ABB is showcasing at this year’s Hanover Fair is a new condition monitoring solution concept for low voltage induction motors. Based on wireless smart sensors that are easy to attach to motors, the solution will enable customers to monitor large numbers of LV motors – even their entire LV motor fleet. This will bring huge numbers of motors into the scope of predictive maintenance, enabling plants to cut downtime, extend motor lifetimes and even improve their energy efficiency.

We asked Otto Preiss, Managing Director of ABB’s Motors and Generators business, to tell us more about this innovative technology concept.

Introducing new water-cooled marine motor from ABB

2016-04-22 - ABB’s new frame size 500 low-voltage marine motor for large top-of-line vessels is compact, economical and simple in design.

Your motors are talking to you. Are you listening?

2016-04-21 - The low voltage motor is the workhorse of many industries, used to drive a broad range of machines, including conveyors, mixers, pumps and fans. Monitoring the condition of each motor in a plant is a complex and costly challenge. That all changes with ABB’s new smart sensor. Now tracking the motor’s health and performance is as simple as opening a smartphone app.

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